Byala Sea Gardens Property Investment Byala Sea Gardens Property Investment

About the Property

„Byala Sea Gardens” is a panoramic apartment complex on the first line of the sea coast. It includes building, land, architectural projects and all the necessary documents and approvals.  9 727 sq.m. total built-area with own land of 6 000 sq.m. Only 10 meters away from the coast line. The building has a finished rough construction including internal and external walls. Act 14 has been approved and placed in the official registers of the National Agency for Cartography and Cadastre.
Infrastructure- electricity, drinking water and sewage are either in the property or surrounded by it.
The building and land are sold together. There will be no additional charges (e.g. VAT) on the price. For more details, please get in touch with us on the listed contacts.

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About the location

“Byala Sea Gardens” is situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the resort town of Byala, famous for its long sandy beach, fine golden sands and the lack of industrial estates. It is equally distant from the two biggest sea towns in Bulgaria – Varna and Bourgas. All year round and 50 km. away from Byala Sea Gardens operate two international airports, railway stations, bus stations and dozens of small and large yachts ports, freight and passenger ports. Apart from its incredible sea views and its location just meters from the coast, the location is also unique as the complex is next to the world’s natural landmark “White rocks” (three of the kind in the world); near an operating port for boats and small yachts and 2.7km from restored ancient towns. A 15-minute drive takes you to the foothills of the longest mountain in Bulgaria and the western Balkans – Stara Planina, with a length of more than 400 km.

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About the investment

“Byala Sea Gardens” is designed to function as an apartment complex. The existing 82 apartments vary in size between 37 to 262 sq.m. In the case of reduction in the size of the larger apartments the total number can be increased to 129. The building contains an underground parking lot, restaurant, bar, winter garden, swimming pool, shops, spa center, fitness room and doctor’s office.

The purpose of the site can easily be changed, subject to all regulatory requirements, in:

  • sanatorium – due to the healthy climate, iodine and ozone-rich air, silence and many sunny days
  • home for elderly people – residents of Varna and Bourgas who work in shipping and who are absent for months at cruises. They would be interested in this service for their parents
  • post-hospital building – the cities of Varna and Bourgas have an acute deficit for such type of establishments
  • hospice
  • a corporate holiday base (please note that the hotel business is seasonal while the above examples are all year round businesses)

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9 700 Sq. m.
  • 82 Apartments from 37 – 262 sq.m.
  • Amazing  Panoramic Terraces
  • Swimming Pool
  • Underground parking lot
  • SPA Area / Gym
  • Restaurant / Snack Bar
  • Commercial areas
  • Winter Gardens
  • Doctor’s office

The land

6 002 Sq. m.
  • First line – 10 meters to the coast line
  • 15 minutes away from the longest mountain in Bulgaria
  • Near an operating port for boats and small yachts
  • In the middle of the two biggest sea towns of Bulgaria
  • In a radius of 300 km 5 countries – Turkey, Greece, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine
  • Next to the world’s natural landmark “White rocks” (three of the kind in the world)
  • Next to the long Beach with golden sands
  • 2,7 km away from restored ancient towns

current status

100% finished construction
  • The building has an Act 14 (building permit), certifying the finished rough construction
  • 100% finished construction
  • 100%  finished bricks works
  • 90% finished infrastructure. Transformer 20 kV (next to the property); new water supply pipeline for drinking water and sewage (next to the building)
  • 30 % PVC window frames